Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday church

Today is Sunday and we went to Church at the Koutiala Bible School Church. I took a little video of the Youth Choir while they were singing. Those of you that have been here, this will bring back some memories. The service today was in English and Bamada. There is a work team here and the head pastor came along to work, teach and preach. So, he gave the measage today. The picture of the kid and donkey were taken at church also. I believe that he rode it to church but, I didn't ask.

The weather today is perfect. It was cool this morning and only in the low 90's this afternoon with almost no humidity. We are going to go exploring here in a little bit to find a good place to hike and ride bike and moto. We hope to see some wildlife. Have a great day and God bless.

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Todd-Marlo-Madison-Jordan said...

Hey! We are thinking about your 90 degree weather this morning as we look at slight amounts of snow on the rooftops. Praying for you all.