Saturday, 15 November 2008

Clinic in the Village

On Sat., there were some people from the hospital and church that went out into one of the villages to put on a women's health clinic and show a Malian movie to show them about Christ. The doctors used a school building as the clinic and the school desks as exam tables as you can see Dr. Dan in one of the pictures. There were three Doctors including Dan Nesselroade, Malian nurses, pharmacist, pharmacist assistants (Ed and I), and three Malian pastors. The love of Christ that was shown to these woman was incredible. There is a new church in this village that started a year ago and now there are 60 converts to Christ. That is unheard of in Mali. They are not typically receptive to the Gospel. God is doing an incredible work through the hospital and through the Malian Pastors. At the movie, which was at 7:00 and lasted three hours, there were about 200 villagers. The message that was given at the end of the movie was very powerful. Lives will be changed because of the obedience of these people to minister to the villages. I can't stress enough that God is moving mightily in and around Koutiala. I took some pictures but, I can only post a few. If you want, you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it and this will give you a clearer picture. Keep praying for these people.


arzed said...

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Jackie said...

Hi Wengers - you are sure keeping busy! It is quite interesting to see what all you are doing. In the short time you've been there, you are settling right in. That is great to see. Enjoy the weather while you can! Much Love and Prayers.