Thursday, 6 November 2008

First orthopedics

One day at the Hospital, I was working with Bob the Builder (my boss) and a telephone call came in to my cell phone and asked us to come to the birthing room. Bob and I went and we were met there by Olive Gifford. They had delivered a baby that was breech and broke its arm in the process. The nurses wanted us to make a brace to keep the arm, shoulder, and elbow from moving so it could heal. We took a piece of 1" x .125" strap steel and made it into a 90 deg. angle. The two lengths were 3"x2". I took a picture of the brace in place on the little baby. The baby is healing well. Praise God.


mary neal said...

i really miss you guys already but how awesome it is that you guys were able to make something to help! and kudos to Olive for even thinking of it...:o)
God is truly loving on the souls in Africa.

Jackie said...

Wow, how cool is that!