Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The second story is going well on the third building. It is fun watching all the block going up and the windows and doors being installed. We are looking forward to the teams coming this fall and helping with the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. on this and the second building. It will be a busy three months with teams and construction. Please pray for wisdom with the organization of the work and team. Pray God's plan goes forward and His Love is shared.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Bethel lightning protection

Back in the summer, Bethel got hit by lightning on the radio tower. Bethel is the bible school here for national missionaries and pastors. They teach in French instead of the local language of Bamara because they want the student to be able to use all the resources that are in French that would not be in their native language. Bethel is powered by 100% solar power with a back-up of a diesel generator. Last spring before we left for the states, the diesel generator went down with a mechanical failure that was not repairable without a new generator. Then, the solar electric system got hit by lighting and they were without electric. A small temporary generator was set for temporary use for about 1/4 of the campus. Money was raised in a quick order to allow Anco to buy the parts needed to repair the solar electric system up to 75%, which came to about $20,000. We are still in need of the last $5000 for the rest of the inverter system and then about $5000 for the generator need to be as a back-up. Here are some of the picture of us installing the new inverters and parts down in the underground 40 ft. container. The container is put underground to keep equipment cooler because of the African heat. We are setting up an expensive lightning protect system for the entire campus so this doesn't happen again. Mali is in the highest lightning strike area of the world so therefore we need protection against it. Pray that all the new equipment and protection work so we don't have the costly repairs again. Have a great day.