Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Motor scooter

Well, we bought a scooter yesterday. What an experience!! We bought a new KTM 50cc motorscooter from a local dealer in downtown Koutiala. I took a Malian with me to dicker with the dealer. Good thing too. I would have paid at least 20% more if I would not have taken him. I gave 312,500 Francs for it. ( That's only $625). Right after I bought it, we took it to the mechanic to do a "new start-up". They took the thing completely apart and tightened every bolt and nut. I would say that 60% were loose or missing completely. We took all the oil out of the engine and replaced with new because the oil that came in the engine was only a 20w oil. I wish I would have had my camera to show you what that "new" scooter looked like all apart. The mechanic worked on it for 2 hours and I paid him 1000 francs ($2). Well, it does run ok now and will make Angela good transportation. Today, I found the ice-cream boutique. The chocolate and banana tasted exactly the same; vanilla. It tasted good being that it was 100 deg. outside. Well, I'd better get to work. A bientot.

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