Friday, 14 November 2008

Our Orientation in Mali

For the last two days we have been involved in Orientation class for new missionaries. We learned things like what to wear and not to wear (which is a HOT topic), how to cook with the things found in Koutiala, history of Mali, and things like that. We had a meal at one of the Malian's house and had the traditional food made up of toe with okra sauce and rice with a pork and veg. sauce. Here are a couple of pictures of the meal. As you can see, we eat with our hands and not table ware. Yes, it is messy. On a different note, I am going out into the bush to a small village this afternoon with Dan Nesselroade, Ed Bonvillian and a Malian Pastor to put on a health clinic and show the "Jesus" film. Pray that they are receptive to the Gospel. Have a blessed day.

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