Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Three Year Anniversary

Today is the three year anniversary of the opening of the CAPM Koutiala hospital. We had a little party this morning after Bible Devotions with some pastries and coffee cake. It was a cool time of see who had be here at the start of the hospital and all the people Now involved with it. These are some of the faces you would see working as nurses, resident doctors, grounds and maintenance, administration and the sort. The hospital has had 795 surgeries, and 4,383 births to date. Not to shabby for having only one surgeon (Thanks Dan Nesselroade) and only one other certified doctor (Thanks Saskia). That would be correct in your thinking; They do NOT get much sleep. Last month was a record month with 185 deliveries and 49 surgeries. Dan is in the States right now for a well deserved 3 month of R and R.
Here a picture of one of the new buildings going up. It is coming right along. Thanks for all your support and prayers for this hospital and for the gospel going forth. Keep us lifted up in prayer. It is a battle that Satan wants to win but God's message of forgiveness and love will be proclaimed to everyone that enters our doors. The reason this hospital even exists is because of God's Sovereignty and power over evil. Thank you Lord.

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