Sunday, 17 May 2009

Family in Bamako

It has been a good trip to Bamako this weekend. We brought two missionaries to Bamako to catch their flights to home. One missionary is from Cleveland Ohio and the other from France. We have enjoyed their company and also getting to know them better. It has been nice to be in the big city and get to eat out in restaurants and actually go to a grocery store to buy food and not just the open market. We spent Sunday afternoon with the McCabes here in Bamako. They served us lunch and then we spent the rest of the time in their pool. The McCabe's desert turtles had babies and they gave our boys each a turtle to raise. The age of the parent turtles is 16 and 32 years old. They obivously grow to be very old. It will be fun having these turtles for the boys. They love animals and are playing with them as I write this. We plan on heading back to Koutiala on Tuesday. Pray for a safe trip. It is always kind of hairy driving here. Thinking of that, I have had fun getting around Bamako. There are no street signs in the city of 2 million people. You learn your way around only by land marks. My gps has come in handy as well as Google earth. I get the directions from someone and then go look it up on google earth to kind of see what is around and the direction the road heads. It has been a real challange not getting lost. So far so good. Praise God. I hope you have a great day.

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