Saturday, 9 May 2009

I Love the Swiss Military

Thank you Swiss Military! They came to our mission and dropped off a brand new gas powered jack hammer. I didn't even know that anyone built a gas powered jack hammer. This thing is so cool and it came with everything you could think of except an operator. I think the thing weighs about as much as I do. It has a 185cc two stroke motor which is almost the same size as my motorcycle. It came with a stainless steel gas can, tool kit, oil, backpack to carry it, 8 bits of all sorts, and a lot of stuff that is to numerous to list. The jack hammer will be very useful here. We are on a bed rock of iron ore that is right under the surface of the ground. It took a month to dig the loading ramp at the hospital because of solid rock. I just hope I don't have to run it to often!
I thought I would include some new pictures of the building going up at the hospital. All the interior walls are up with the bond beams poured. The exterior bond beams are being poured this next week. We have already added on to the first building and it isn't even finished. Things are growing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up. The hospital had two records broken last month with 185 deliveries and 49 operations in one month. The hospital building now only has one operating room and one delivery room with two delivery beds. Dan Nesselroade and Ed Bonvillain are now home on a three month home assignment after breaking the old records. Pray that they can catch up on their much needed rest. They are on call 24/7 and need a long break. Also pray for the Doctors that are replacing Dan while he is gone.
Well, its time to try to cool down before we go to bed. It is 94 deg. in the office right now and it is time to jump in the shower to cool off. A bientot.

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