Saturday, 6 June 2009

New House

We have now moved from Veronika place to our new place on the other side of Koutiala closer to the hospital. Veronika is coming back this summer from her home country of Germany. Our new place is a beautiful duplex house with Berry and Terry Newman living underneath us. Our living quarters has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living/dining, and a study. There is a large balcony with a place for Angela to hang up our laundry. The boys have a large place to play up on the concrete roof. We will be staying here for the rest of our first two years God willing.
I found myself at the end of this week not thinking to much of the Chinese manufacturing. I was trying to replumb the McClean's plumbing outside of their house. I bought all the supplies at the "plumbing supply house" which consists of a small room store. All the supplies I bought were Chinese made (which is all you can get here). By the time I had all the leaks and blown apart pipes and fittings repaired, I had spent two days just in repair of the NEW supplies. Unfortunately, the Chinese ship all their junk to Africa because it is cheap. They do not have to stand behind it and there is no "standard" the Malian government requires, therefore all this junk get brought into country. The pipe and fittings can vary diameter by the millimeters BOTH ways larger and smaller. So, when I try to glue the pvc pipe into the fittings, it sometimes is to sloppy or to tight. If it is sloppy, then the pipe will just blow out of the fitting and water does go everywhere and if it is to tight then it might not even fit together. I finially got things tight this morning about noon and as far as I know it is still holding together. I can't wait until my PEX comes in the next container so I will be able to to a better job and it will last so much longer than the stuff I can get here. Please pray for patience for me! I guess God is giving me the opportunity to be patient isn't He?
Well, I hope you have a great week and listen to God's voice.

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