Monday, 27 April 2009

Day of Firsts

It was a good weekend. We had a Malian family (9 of them) over for pizza and a movie. It was the first time they had had pizza. They cook over an open fire in their court yard to prepare their meals and do not have access to an oven to make anything that requires an oven. There is so many things we do that they have not done. This was the first time Yaya's mother had even eaten at a table! Angela had salad and of course we use silverware, but they always use their hands even with salad and it was fun to watch them try to use a fork. They did really well and we could tell that they really tried to use OUR manors. Just a different culture. We asked Yaya how old his mother was and he said that he did know and that she didn't even know. She had to go to the hospital for a motorcycle accident and Dr. Nesselroade asked her how old she was and she didn't know. She does not have a birth certificate to even find out. I would guess her at probably 75-80 years old. That's incredible because the average mortality rate for women here is 46 years old. She is a hearty old lady. We watched Kung Fu Panda in French with French subtitles. They thought it was really funny even Yaya's mom. It was a day of firsts for her.
Yesterday we got a gift from the Dayton Dragon's in Dayton Ohio. They sent us 24 ball caps. I gave the first hat to Pierre because he is the reason we have the hats in the first place. Pierre was wearing a Dragon's Lair ball cap out at the hospital about 2 months ago and I had to laugh. Here is a AAA ball team from where I live here in Mali Africa. So, I sent a picture of Pierre to the Dragons. They liked the picture and story and sent us some more caps. Here is a picture of a few guys wearing them. Pierre is the third guy from the left. They were so happy with the hats. Thanks Dragons.

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