Monday, 20 April 2009


I have found myself repairing a lot of different things. Sometimes it is even building or modifying things that I have never even seen before. Last week I repaired breast pump for the new mothers at the hospital. A lot of times, I bring the different items home to work on them in the evenings with the boys. This picture is taken in our study hooked to our bedroom. As you can tell by the head lamp, it is dark in our study. We try to use as many florescent lights as we can to conserve electric. Electric is very expensive here. It has been running in the upper 90's in our bedroom when we go to bed so we just now broke down and started running the a/c in our bedroom. We do sleep better now. We are so thankful we HAVE electric. If we lived in the villages, we wouldn't have the luxury of electric. We try not to complain to much when the power goes out, which is more frequent in hot season. We have been so spoiled by have power all the time in the states.
The next picture is of Anco, Bob, and the Bethel bible people working on their well pump. On Sunday, Bethel didn't have water because the water table had dropped down due to dry season. Come to find out, the pump had been cavitating (sucking air) for a while now which ruined the pump. The pump is down 120 feet. Anco made an a-frame stand to pull the pump out of the well (it worked great). We had to install a different used pump but not a new one because we didn't have one and they do not have the money to buy one. We got it up and running last night and the campus had water by 9:00 pm. The 1200 litre tank was full in about three hours. I am so thankful we had an extra used pump laying around. It does pay to save things out here. It is hard for a lot of you to believe, but I find myself saving just about everything.
Well, have a great day and let us give thanks for what God has given us.

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