Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Surgical Instument

Well, the boys and I made a skin harvesting instrument out of an old fashioned razor. We took the head and cut out the center section with a Dremel tool. Next, we took the blades and cut the sharp edges off of both sides to use as spacers. We then added the blade to the razor. On Wednesday it will get used on one of the hospital employee's legs. His name is David. David was in a motorcycle accident and got a road rash on his leg. The leg got infected with a flesh eating bacteria which ate 75% of the skin on his thigh. At first, the doctors were not sure they could save his leg or maybe even his life. But, they were able to hit him hard with high strength antibiotics and cut off all the dead skin. David's fever has come down now and it is time to repair the leg. We don't have a tool to harvest good skin for a skin graft so I had to make one. We found the idea in a tropical medicine book and work off that model. Tomorrow we will find out if it is going to work and how well it will work. The boys wanted all of us in the picture but Angela was not home to take it and that is why we have three separate pictures. We pray that God will guide Dr. Meyers hands and things will go well. David is in a lot of pain with the open wound and needs it covered with skin. Pray for endurance for him and his family. Thanks for all your prayers. God Bless.

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