Saturday, 17 January 2009

David's Leg

I told you that I would post some pictures of David's leg during surgery and here they are. If you have a queezy stomach, you might want to pass over them quickly. I could help but post them because of how God worked through Dr. Myers with this skin graft. The way this surgery went was Dr. Myers harvested by hand the top layer of skin from David's good leg in strips of 1 to 2 inches wide by 3 to 5 inches long as you can see at the top of the first picture and then cut slits in the strips to make them expand to 3 times its original size. Two Doctors tied knots for over six hours tying the small pieces together. The skin will grow between the small expanded strips to make the healing go more quickly and into one piece of skin all across his leg. The end result has been great. Dr. Dan said today that David was able to get up and walk for the first time with help yesterday. Praise God that he is even alive let alone walking with help! Our God is so Great.
We are looking forward to the Fausts and Billings being here for the next few weeks. I will not post as many blogs in the next few week while they are here. I hope you have a great Sunday of worship and if you don't attend church regularly, I encourage you to go this Sunday.

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