Monday, 26 January 2009

Having fun w/ friends

Hello everyone from Koutiala, Mali. Joe and Mel Faust have been with us for the last week and a half which has been great. Here is a picture of what we did while they were here! Ha Ha. No really, we completely installed a new kitchen for the Bonvillain's new house and repaired a bunch of plumbing problems from leaks to broken lines. They will be leaving us on Wednesday the 28th to head back to the U.S.
This morning, while I was eating breakfast, I broke the tip off of my front tooth. I can hear some of you saying somethings about where I lived in Ohio, but the truth hurts sometimes. There is a dental technician coming next Monday and I hope she can help me out. If not, I will wait until I return to the U.S. to get it repaired. The dentists here are not of the highest qualified in the world so I would rather wait until my return. I will keep you posted and even with pictures. Have a great and blessed day.


Jill said...

So happy to see the photo of The Fausts! Tell Joe and Mel "HEY!" from the Kinneys!!
SOOOOO sorry about your tooth Doug! I hope the dentist there can fix you up!

Anonymous said...

Love your broken-tooth picture Doug. Put it under the pillow tonight ... maybe you'll get a surprise.