Sunday, 11 January 2009

Sunday Ride

Today, the boys and I went for a motorcycle ride with some other men and kids from the mission out into the bush. We took off from the mission compound at 2:00 and got back home at 4:15. We first took the donkey path to Bethel bible college and then we went from there to the village south of the hospital via the gorge. This was Daniel's first ride "off road" on the yellow YZ 80. He did incredible well! The bottom picture is of him navigating through the cattle without getting the horns! We had some very technical downhills and climbs without any falls or stalls. I think I was more pumped that he made it than he was. Jeffrey was on the back of my motorcycle navigating the correct path. We had a great time together.

Now for hospital news. The surgical instrument that we made for David's skin graft didn't work. Dr. Meyers had to use just the razor blades to harvest the good skin. The surgery took over 6 hours with them having sore back by the end. I will try to post some pictures of David's leg as soon as I can get them. The finished product looks like the lattice top of a cherry pie or those of you metal head out there it looks like expanded metal. I did not have my camera in surgery this time to get a picture so, I will have to get it from Dr. Dan. Have a great week and remember to stay on your knees in prayer. God Bless.

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