Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Start of the Second building and Generator building

We have started pouring footers and columns on the second building and also the generator building. We have teams coming out starting in October to help with the construction of these buildings. We will have teams for the next six month to work with the projects. Angela will be taking pictures of the different people from the work teams and interviewing them for the Hospital's web site. I will be making a lot of trips to Bamako to pick up and drop off the teams as they come in. Pray for safety as I travel as there can be so many "road hazards" on the six hour journey.

The Sunday soccer playing has started back up again. We all look forward to getting together and having a friendly game. We expect no less than 110% for all that participate at least that is what we say when someone kicks a ball to hard and someone else gets hurt. Sense any note of sarcasm?

The boys have started school and have been enjoying it. They really look forward to Tuesday which is phys. ed. day. We are now getting out of rainy season and the boys will miss their motorcycle rides in the mud and creeks full of water. Its impossible to keep the boys clean especially during rainy season. Back to the hot weather here really soon.

Please pray for all the people who have lost loved ones to malaria this season. We feel at the hospital that it has been a really long rainy season with all the malaria that we have seen and treated. We loose multiple kids a week to malaria and that really wares on the staff. Keep them lifted up to the Father.

Hope you all have a great week.

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