Tuesday, 6 October 2009

5000th Baby at Hospital

That's right. We have delivered our 5000th baby in three and a half years being open. This is the baby and her mom with Olive Gifford the midwife here. The baby's name is Nagalie which is the Bambara word for Joy. We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him and the people of Koutiala Mali. Its been a real blessing to serve along side of the hospital staff and administration. We look forward to many more years of delivering babies and helping the needs of the women and children here.

I was installing a new underground drain for Brett and Sherrie this week and while we were digging we ran into an underground termite home. It was amazing to watch them work and move dirt to try to keep the sun light off of them. It was huge. This is just a small picture of the entire trench. You never know what you will uncover when you dig here.
Hope you have a great week. Keep praying for us all.

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