Monday, 30 March 2009

Pouring Concrete

Its Monday and the job site is hopping. I was finishing the inground drainage plumbing and the construction crews were pouring concrete. The process is so different from what I am use to. Sand is brought in by a semi flat bed truck and unloaded by hand into different piles around the job site. The gravel is brought in by dump truck but I am told that they load the dump truck by hand. EVERYTHING is done by hand here. They put a certain amount of sand down on the ground first. Next they add the cement and last the gravel. Then they get buckets of water and start mixing on the ground with a shovel. After it is all mixed together, The shovel it into wheel borrows and take it to where it gets poured out. It is amazing how much they can get done in just one day! Take a look at this dudes arms. Do you think he works hard for a living? This physique is not with weights my friend. Keep these men in your prayers as some of them are Muslim and we need to show them the love of Christ with our actions and word. Have a wonderful day.

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