Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Little Trip

This last Sunday, a group of missionaries from Koutiala went to Seagou to get a way for a little while, get some good food, swim, and to relax. While we were there, we celebrated Jeffrey's birthday. We had cupcakes, cookies, and cake. Jeffrey received some cool gifts also. He got a sheath made for his malian knife, a millet pounder basket, pop bottle caps ( the kids use them as money between themselves), money, the watch that he lost, and a little batman figure. We do not get to go some place to relax very often because there is really nowhere to go. When you live in a third world country, you have to just make do with what is around you within a couple to three hour distance. The fuel prices limit you also. The diesel for the truck is running around 5.00 dollars a gallon plus we have to pay for the use of the vehicle per kilometer. So a small trip can still cost a lot.
This week at the hospital, we moved the consultations from the administration building to the pediatric building which gave us more room in the admin building to put sick beds. The consultation rooms are bigger now also. On the new building we are starting to install the underground drainage plumbing. This is hot work out in the sun. The temps have been running around 110 deg. to 112 during the day. Last night we got a little relief when a "mango rain" came through and cooled things off a bit. It was good sleeping last night.
Have a great week and don't forget that God is sovereign.

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