Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sick Lady

Today, Bob and I were going over how and where we were going to install two exhaust fans for hot season when a scooter pulled up to the hospital doors with a driver and a lady as a passenger. This was strange that someone would drive right up to the doors. Then we noticed that the lady was slumped over the back of the driver. Bob and I ran up to the scooter and noticed blood running down the side of the scooter. Bob and the driver grabbed the lady and I opened the doors to the delivery room. She was bleeding badly. We got her on a delivery table and Saskia took over. The difficult part was she needed surgery and the husband was not there to give consent. The lady was not able to make the decision for the surgery without the husbands approval. They finally did surgery and she is alive as I am typing this. She would have surely died from blood loss alone if this hospital was not there to serve this woman. God be Praised. Thanks for all your prayers. The whole staff needs God's wisdom, so keep them in your prayers.

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