Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Pig Farm

While Joe and Mel Faust were here, a group of us from Koutiala went to this place out side of town called the Pig Farm. Story is told that a Lebanese man started a hog farm out in the bush by this cliff and watering hole. It is now abandoned as a farm and turned into a "state park". We went out there and took a look around and had a picnic supper. The place was really cool. The cliff that is shown is a waterfall in the rainy season and without water in the dry season. We had a lot of fun climbing on the rocks and walking around checking out the place. The Malian women are tending a garden at the base of the falls. This is a hand dug well that the ladies get water to water the garden. The topography in this area is amazing. We are blessed just to be able to enjoy a little bit of God's creation. We would love to take any of you out to show you this place so come on over and visit! God Bless.

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