Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Village travel

On Saturday, Dan, Anco, and I will be traveling to a village to set up a small solar electric system for a portable ultrasound machine. The village itself does not have any electric or running water. Dan wants to get an ultrasound machine going for the dispensary there so the midwife can see if there are any obvious problems during a woman's pregnancy and can get them to the hospital for a more intensive exam and diagnosis. Dan can then address the problems and come up with a solution. We hope and pray that this will save both the lives of the babies and the mothers. Anco has his truck set up with an inverter and batteries that are charged with the truck's alternator so we can use power tools with electric provided by the truck. The electrical system is large enough that we can even run a small MIG welder. We are planning to be done in one day. Pray that everything goes well and safely. I will post pictures and more of the story after the job is complete. Have a blessed day.

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