Saturday, 13 December 2008

Ultra-sound in the Villages

The journey to the village on Saturday went well. We started out at 7:00 am and we were at the village by 8:30 am. The road going to there was a little bumpy and full of holes. We would be traveling at 45 mph and then have to hit the breaks for the hole and slow down to 5-10 mph. Traveling here can be fun with all the obstacles. Once we got there, we set up the ladder and got to work. We welded a solar panel on the roof of the clinic and ran wires down to the controller, inverter, and battery. Anco has set up his Toyota Land Cruiser as a mobile workshop. He has an inverter system in it to run 120 and 240 volt power tools, welders, or whatever takes electric. It is run off of the 6 cylinder diesel engine that powers the Land Cruiser. It is a great set up for repairs to the six clinics throughout Mali. We would like to raise enough money to buy another Land Cruiser and set it up in the same manor. The ultimate goal is to train a Malian in solar power and other maintenance items like plumbing and send him to the six clinics for repair and new installations. Pray with us that we can do this. The clinics are in such disrepair that we need to spend a lot of time and money on them. They have been neglected for such a long time. For these villages, it is the only health care they have and run on a shoe string budget. The nurse in this clinic has already been trained on the ultra-sound machine and it will be put to use as soon as the first lady shows up in need. If you look at the second picture down, you will see a 12 volt solar powered light used for medical inspections. Not quite up to U.S. standards is it? There is so much I could tell you about these clinics and their needs. If they are of interest to you, please email me or call me and I will fill you in more. Keep praying for these Malian nurses that God would give them the wisdom and strength to handle the needs of these clinics. This one clinic has evangelized this whole village and most have come to Christ because of the faithfullnes of the Missionaries and Nurses here. Have a blessed day and Worship the King!

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