Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dogon Country

We made a trip to Dogon Country this last weekend with the team from Beaver Lodge Alberta Canada. The Dogon Country is an area of Mali that was inhabited by people that were escaping slavery and Islam indoctrination. When they would feel pressure by an outside people group, they would move into the cliffs of the area. They built "second houses" to live in with a supply of food to last a long time. The houses were made of mud dobie bricks up in the cliffs so they could defend themselves and the enemy could not get to them easily. Absolutely fascinating. This is a picture of Daniel with a traditional head rap by our Malian guide (and friend) Sakou. Check out the Obama button on the hat of the guy on the left. Even Dogon people know about Obama. We had a great time with the team and learned a lot.
Alyssa Kah has spent the last six weeks with us here and is now leaving to go home to Indy. It has been absolutely a blast having her with us and us getting to know her better. We felt like she was just part of our immediate family. We Love you Alyssa!

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