Saturday, 16 January 2010

Third building

OK. Its been one and a half weeks since the Indiana team got here and we have completed the outside structure, insulating, and roofing. We started the gutters today and got a portion of them done. These guys really know what they are doing and can FLY. It has been a real blessing having all of them here and especially Ryan Sprunger from Berne Indiana. He attends the same church that I grew up in, First Mennonite of Berne. It has been great to get to know him better and spend time working together. Thank you for sharing him with us here. We are finishing up the details of the building and then we are off to installing the trusses on the second building. It is fun talking to the Malians and getting to hear what they think of the third building. Most of them have never seen a structure anything like this let alone help build it. We told them that this type of building is put up a lot in the States and they just could get their minds wrapped around what it must look like in the States. They kept telling me that they would like to come see for themselves what it must be like to have buildings of this quality. We are blessed to have this building here for the hospital. Keep praying for us as we continue to serve here.

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Jessica said...

Thanks for the great update and photos! So glad to hear about the progress. Praying for you guys!