Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Very Exciting Day

The grain grinder is now up and running for the chicken operation. We can now grind our own grain and mix it for the feed without paying for the grinding. Just trying to take out the middle man. Benjamin resurrected this grinder and single cylinder diesel engine for this project. This is going to be a huge blessing for Bethel and the students. The students will no longer have to take their grain to the village to get ground saving them money and the chicken project won't have to pay either. It is a win win situation. We praise God for allowing us to help in this way. Keep praying for insight a vision for this project. Enjoy the video. The 55 gal. tank to the left is the "radiator". The noise was horrendous. I think I need to get these guys some ear plugs. I hope OSHA is not watching! Blessings. No video. File size to big. I will have to see if I can make smaller. Sorry.

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