Sunday, 2 August 2009

Tractor repair

On Anco's last container, he sent a 65 hp tractor out here to help with the ground work for the Malian food plots. After it arrived, Anco noticed that the hydraulic pump was not building up enough pressure to work the implements. The clutch also would not disengage the transmission. Anco decided we needed to take the tractor apart and make the repairs. We had to split the tractor in half to get to both the clutch and the pump. The pump took new o-rings and the clutch had broken arms that disengage the flywheel. We made the repairs and stuck the thing back together. It is a little more difficult to split the cases without having all the lifts and hoists that we would have in the states but, we made due with what we had. It was a learning experience for all of us. Now, Bethel is using it for their farming. All this plowing would have been done either by hand or with cattle pulling a one bottom plow. The tractor made short work of it between rains. Bethel is trying to raise the money for buying the tractor from Anco so they can do their own crops and some custom plowing for other Malians. They would like to make money with the tractor to help in the income of the School. That way, they could rely less on the national church and missionaries for budget money. Pray with me that they will be able get the donations needed to buy the tractor. Have a great week.

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