Monday, 13 July 2009

Internet down

It is amazing how tied we are to our internet and computers. We have been down for about a week and I feel disconnected from the world. I don't get any world news here that I can understand. I really need to learn more French.
The Hospital building is coming along nicely. We have all the main trusses up and are starting on the stringers between the trusses for attaching the roofing material. All the trusses and stingers are designed and built here on the grounds of the hospital. We buy the different sizes of angle iron and cut them to length then weld together. We kind of have a little assembly line going with trusses. We keep Roger, the one handed painter, busy with all the metal work. Next week we have a team from Zepher Hills Florida coming to help install the metal roof on pod one. We are looking forward to them coming and getting a lot accomplished. I really enjoy spending time with teams and getting to know their stories of how God has brought them to Africa and what he is doing in their lives.
We had a little girl come into the hospital last week bitten by some kind of cobra as I understand it. The parents brought her in 5 days after the bite occured and she was in bad condition. The mentallity of the people here is that you bring a person into the hospital to die, not to get better, so we usually don't get the people here that have just come down with something but rather are almost dead. Thanks to God, the girl is still alive and is recovering. From what I understand, not many people have lived through the bite of this type of cobra, but our God heals. Pray that the family comes to know Christ through this.
Pray for this next week as I will be very busy with the work team and that we will be safe.

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